The project

A school has not been the first and only institution when the education comes into mind. The idea of incorporating differences into education has now been considered as contribution of child education with many factors. According to the new primary education programme, education is not bounded in the classroom nor its main source is school books. The recent researches about the learning skills of humans have led to this result thanks to the latest technologies we use in our daily life. As a result, utilization of new learning techniques and different learning environments has become the center of education. Today, the museums are the mostly utilized institutions as a different learning environment by the countries giving special importance to modern education. It is quite obvious that museums are indispensable part of education. When we take this specification of museums into consideration, our target group (gifted students) has the opportunity of seeing dailylife objects used in historical eras mentioned in the school books. Thus they try to make a connection between historical events and dailylife objects in these historical eras. This opportunity helps them to raise historical awareness. They improve the skills of observation, logic, creativity, imagination and the sense of admiration. They have the sense of aesthetics. They learn how to think creatively. Moreover the museum shows children that change and evolution are inevitable. It teaches children how to think and evaluate all aspects thoroughly.(multi-dimensional learning). The children also raise the awareness of preserving cultural values they have. In addition children know different cultures. Our country, with its geographical and political position, has been the host of many civilizations. As a result it has many museums having historical artifacts which show this historical and cultural richness.
Unfortunately these museums do not attract the expected attention. Many researches (Nowacki, 2010; Jagiellonski, 2012; Koliopoulos, 2003) show that museums as out of school learning areas ought to be used and integrated into education. With this project we aim to turn museums into a part of daily life instead of sense of the exhibition for antiquities. Today the need of reaching information and using it functionally should make a creative change in education necessary. Our main aim is to promote museums to be entertaining, creative,educational and functional institutions without excessive seriousness, and to be effective, sustainable and living institutions. In this way, we set an example of all other institutions as a learning model by their adopting our model and to promote these institutions’ functuonality. In this process, our objcetives are as follows:

-to help gifted students learn by doing out of school areas,
-to improve cultural dialogues between nations and transnations.
-to create a socialization area for gifted students as they need it.
-to raise awareness about the importance of out-of-school areas.
-to raise awareness to the museum as important cultural heritages.

We know that in Europe museums are widely used as environments of education. For this reason there is much to learn from our European partners. Moreover our new ideas,not put into practise before, will make an innovative contribution to our partners. Creative drama groups, search-find-solve activity, melodic slogan, poster making,short films of museums, workshops and active learning environments will be formed in each museum we will visit with target groups. We aim to be not only a smiling face but also the thinking face of the museums. Our target groups are declared gifted students,primary,secondary and high school students. Our students will learn through experience with active and creative learning models and have permanent learning and share this learned behaviours and gains with their peers. The dialogues among peers will be the essential power point in the bridge between cultures. To enable the traffic sustainable in this bridge of culture will improve sharing information, the practice of learning and experiences at the highest level. Our target group is gifted students and our second target group is all another students in education as they can also benefit from the project outcomes. Museums are common heritages of all nations.
This heritage maintains its importance only through being transferred to everybody without religional, gender and race discrimination, thus it can enlighten the next generation. We think that young generation, knowing their transcultural heritage and organic link of the past and the present, will excessively benefit from these lasting experiences obtained by international dialogues and different environment. Thanks to the effective and lasting dialogues that will be formed in museums,we hope that the international culture link will be more and more powerful andform the foundation of peace in the next centuries.